Badger fur coat for sale. Was originally listed at and sold on Etsy for $480.00 but when I went to ship it out, I discovered a tear in the lining. I immediately contacted the buyer, offering to pay for the repairs out of my own pocket, but never heard back from them.

The transaction was cancelled so now I’m still trying to figure out what to do with this beautiful coat. I need the money more than I need it, so on account of the damage, I’m offering to sell it for $300.00 shipped. If you want it, let me know! This is one stunning coat. Fits a little large on me and I typically sport a women’s medium, but I wore it anyway and felt like a total badass every time. 

I would if I could. Any US followers able to buy this awesome coat?

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Camera: Panasonic DMC-G2
Aperture: f/3.5
Exposure: 1/60th
Focal Length: 14mm
Exif Data Zoom Was super nervous and excited to post this off today. I hope it gets to its recipient ok! And my part of the exchange arrives soooooon

Was super nervous and excited to post this off today. I hope it gets to its recipient ok! And my part of the exchange arrives soooooon

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omg thanks! They are really helpful! Also, I adore your blog and yeah that's very cool ;u; I'm gonna probably get many mice in autumn, maybe you have any ideas what I could do with them if I would have skeletons?

Asked by stellar-cat

Ah awesome :D I’m glad I could help! And I’m glad you like my humble blog~

Hmmm you could do lots of things with them! Start a mouse bone jar, make jewellery from them, try articulating them, fashion them into cool bone mobiles. Really, you’re only limited by your imagination and what you feel is right :)

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Larger photos : juvenile red fox on the left, nicely fanged adult on the right [x]

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Hey there, if it's not a bother and if you have a skull of fox or a raccoon, could you take a photo or two of it for me? I need a ref photo from front, of opened mouth of a fox. ;v; I mean, if it's not a problem!!

Asked by stellar-cat


These any use to you? I don’t actually have a complete red fox skull atm, just Keegan (juv on the left) and a nicely fanged adult (on the right)

And it’s not a problem, been meaning to take ref photos of skull and teeth for bigbootsandscaryeyes! :)

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I’m surprised people are asking - if I was in the US I’m pretty sure nearly all the bird parts I have would be illegal!

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You said Windsor earlier is that Windsor Virginia ?

Asked by thisissuchabore

Nope, Windsor as in the UK :)

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littlestwarrior said: That little otter thing is so neat!

Very! There was also a seal, a deer, penguin, hedgehogs, pigs, kingfisher. But the otter was the best ^^

taigas-den said: Windsor, Colorado?

Nope, Windsor as in the Royal Windsor castle!

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So happy that the lovely Shannon who messaged me asking for a custom bird foot necklace is happy with her necklace! And here are some photos to prove it :D

She requested a high sitting necklace so I shortened the chain and I felt the pheasant foot would look best sitting horizontally. But the end of the foot looked a little empty! So I added a vial with a cream feather, and fragments of sunstone for some added colour to balance it ~

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Some items I picked up from a vintage themed charity shop when in Windsor (UK) with a friend today, and the hedgehog skull I painted. They had a whole bowl with different (pewter?) animals in, but this little otter with fish in hand was the best by far~

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Mink stole I’m looking to trade or sell for £20

It’s in good condition, only damage is the 3 of the 4 back feet are missing and the left mink is missing one eye. The fur is a lovely chocolate brown, with a dark red stripe down the backs of both mink, and a chocolate velvet detail under the heads of both. 80cm long from tips to tail ~

This stole is now down to £12.50 on my etsy

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Cleaning, from bodies to bones | Three things are important in the natural decomposition of animal remains …

  • Moisture: Few wild invertebrates and/or bacteria will eat dried out tissue. Bodies left outside in the sun lose moisture far faster than bodies left in shade or under artificial cover. Without moisture a body will mummify, and once mummified, it’s hard to do anything else with the remains. Soaking can be done but usually the remaining tissue has to be manually removed, and the bones then macerated. Too much moisture deters invertebrates and promotes fungi, which live on remains but do not break down the tissue.
  • Warmth: Invertebrates and bacteria are most active in warm weather and less active in cooler weather. If the tissue freezes it will be preserved and not degrade for as long as it is frozen. Too hot and moisture escapes from the remains so quickly that it would benefit to have to have moisture added to encourage decomp and prevent mummification.
  • Protection:  Scavenging or inquisitive animals may run off with a body, or parts of it! Weather can wash away, or dry out bodies, making them slower to decompose. So protection from other animals and the elements is required. Different methods of protecting remains during decomposition are used and this guide goes over the basics of each:
  • // Wire - protects from animals, but leaves remains exposed to the weather and small bones can escape and become lost.
  • // (Fine) netting - offers some protection from animals and weather but prevents the loss of small bones.
  • // Plastic bag - protects from the weather and keeps together all the bones from the remains, but doesn’t protect from animals. Using a ceramic pot to cover the bagged remains works well to protect the remains from animals.
  • // Seedling trays / plastic boxes - some may require additional drainage holes to be added to allow invertebrates and oxygen access into the container. Protects from the weather, but depending on the build of the box it may not protect from animals. 

This is only intended to be a very basic guide to the decomposition of whole animal remains. Different people have different circumstances, as well as different answers to some of the problems mentioned in this guide.

♢ ☆ * Good luck with all your bone cleaning! * ☆ ♢ ~

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…. did you get these little bones from owl pellets? ‘Cause I swear they all look like stuff an owl would eat

[taken from my giveaway post]

Nope, I’ve gotten these bones from all sorts of different sources. Some of them are from ungulates and such so I’m a bit surprised by your comment

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