Like a magpie, I am a scavenger of shiny things: fairy tales, dead languages, weird folk beliefs, fascinating religions, and more.

— Laini Taylor, Lips Touch: Three Times  (via thetinyivy)

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Bones are awesome ~

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The torch I was using to add a bit more light fell over and crushed the tarantula legs :I

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Macroooooooos of the peruvian stick insect shed, madagascan hissing cockroach shed, moorio worm shed!

Some goodies from a classmate! They’ve commandeered my book about the Belle vue zoo and in return they’re paying me with dead things, invert sheds and feathers :3

Today: the final shed of mori worm (before it pupates to turn into a beetle), two juvenile Mad. hissing cockroach sheds, two legs from the shed of an OBT, lorikeet feathers and the shed of a peruvian stick insect!

Oh Rhodes you look simply lovely today!

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Bone cleaning! I left this stubborn bone (from the Thames) under a dripping gutter to dislodge a stubborn bit of river silt. It worked! But I hadn’t realised it was a through-and-through cavity … so I still need to flush the rest of the silt out xD

Some adorable Brooke Bond Picture Cards booklets I picked up at the carboot on Easter Monday :) 


We’ve just taken delivery of a massive collection of skulls. These a just a few: domestic cow, llama and racoon full skulls. These skulls will be highly affordable for the aspiring collector with prices from just £25!

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you are wonderful person

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You're really awesome, it was great meeting you (and everyone else !) at the meetup/pointing at each other across a train. You're really knowledgeable about dead things, especially skinning, and have found some amazing stuff (not jealous at all), and I'm still working out which stuff to send you along with your Gannet and Razorbill skull in your 'dead things parcel', so looking through your helpful "Part of my collection" set is so useful

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